Living quality and labor productivity: interdependent or parallel categories

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PDF: Author(s): Shamray-Kurbatova L. V.,
Number of journal: 2(15) Date: May 2011

The present article considers the categories of living quality and labor productivity as interdependent indices. The article analyzes the structure and compares the indices of the living quality in Russia with the index of the human potential development worldwide. The article considers the value of the human potential development index in different countries of the world. Labor productivity has been presented as the means of the living quality improvement. The article underlines the striving of an individual for enhancement of his living quality due to the fact that the society offers such benefits that the individual cannot currently afford and therefore he has to perform more socially useful work in order to satisfy his demands.


living quality, human resources, labor productivity, production capacity use efficiency, human potential development, demands, welfare, living standards, well-being

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