Re-structuring of relations between participants of investment process in construction

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PDF: Author(s): Nesterenko E. A.,
Number of journal: 2(15) Date: May 2011

Positions of the basic participants of the investment sphere created during development of the market relations in our country have been reviewed. The performed research of the provisions provided in the enactments, has allowed confirming the happened re-structuring of relations between participants of investment process in construction. It has been proposed to continue carrying out of re-structuring with the purpose of partnership development. For this purpose It has been recommended to carry out re-structuring consistently by stages and to use two kinds of criteria for selection of future partners. The first kind of criteria will allow defining abilities of applicants for development of partner relations, and the secondto evaluate their personnel, organizational, technical, production and financial potential. Selection of partners has been proposed to perform by means of a group of experts.


re-structuring, relations, participant, investment process, construction, partner, applicant, criterion, evaluation, expert, potential

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