Theoretical aspects of the project loan

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PDF: Author(s): Drobotova O. O.,
Number of journal: 2(15) Date: May 2011
Annotation: The project loan is granted to the design company in order to implement the investment project and is a key element of the bank investment crediting, as well as project financing scheme. The design company is established only for implementation of the financed project. The source of payment of the project loan debts is revenue generated by the investment project itself. In this connection the project crediting becomes the most risky compared to traditional, when the source of payments of the loan are the revenues from entire economic activity of the borrowing company. The project crediting being new to the bank business specifies the necessity of investigation of theoretical bases of the project crediting in order to form effective system of its arrangement and management in the modern conditions.

project credit, structure of the project credit, design company, principles of project credit, mechanism of project credit, financing of investment project, project financing, investment banking crediting, crediting, banks, financial resources

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