Everyday corruption from the perspective of sociological analysis: regional aspect

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PDF: Author(s): Nomokonov M. V., Rusanova A. A.,
Number of journal: 2(27) Date: May 2014

The article examines with everyday corruption from the perspective of sociological approach to the analysis of this social phenomenon. The subject of the article is disclosed in the theoretical and empirical-applied aspects. The article analyzes the basic scientific approaches to the study of corruption, characterizes historical stages of formation of scientific knowledge about corruption in Russia, and substantiates the importance of studying the everyday corruption at the present stage of development of the Russian society. On the basis of the specific sociological study, the characteristics of everyday corruption in the subsidized boundary region, the Trans-Baikal region, are analyzed, as well as the conclusion about the need of using the social mechanisms of corruption counteraction is made.


corruption, everyday corruption, corruption behavior, corruption situation, corruption field, bribery, authorities, corruption counteraction, sociological analysis, sociological research

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