Bank crediting of agricultural producers as the tool of increasing the efficiency of agriculture in the country

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PDF: Author(s): Zvonorenko A. S.,
Number of journal: 2(27) Date: May 2014

The problems faced by the Russian banks providing loans to agricultural producers are examined in the article. High risks of farmers crediting due to the opacity of the agricultural sector are the main factor that does not allow the commercial banks to develop agriculture crediting in our country. The necessity of the state support in establishing conditions of development for both farmers and agribusiness infrastructure is underlined, which will provide a smooth transition to a the stable developing agricultural financial market. Analysis of the positive world experience is performed; and the approach to application of the innovation methods of agricultural producers crediting in the modern conditions is proposed.


agricultural lending, credit risk, loan portfolio, risk management, bank, information technologies, insurance, guarantee fund, securitization of loan portfolio, agriculture

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