Assessment of the industrial potential of regions of ukraine as the basis for making decision about establishing the regional industrial clusters

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PDF: Author(s): Fedorova V. G.,
Number of journal: 2(27) Date: May 2014

The article has studied the issues concerning the possibility of determining the industrial potential of the region. The statement that the industrial potential of the region is the basis for making decisions about establishing the industrial cluster in any region has been justified. It has been indicated that the current methods of determination of the regional industrial potential do not completely support the process of making balanced management decision. The author has proposed the method for determination of the industrial potential of the region in order to resolve the stated issue. The possibility of the proposed method application has been demonstrated on the example of the Ukraine regions. It has been specified that the current imbalances in the Ukraine regions development hamper the use of progressive form of the production arrangement.


region, reform, cluster, development, programs, potential, assessment, imbalances, decision

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