Policy of the corruption counteraction

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PDF: Author(s): Gorshenkov G. N.,
Number of journal: 2(27) Date: May 2014

The concepts «counteraction policy» and «corruption counteraction» are reviewed in the article; the necessity of their differentiation is justified; the comparative analysis of the mentioned categories is performed. The significant features of anti-corruption policy relative to the highest, middle and lowest levels of the state administration are revealed. The comparative characteristic of the goals of the counteraction policy on the one hand and the corruption counteraction on the other hand are provided. The peculiarities of two level of thinking are presented: systematic (mostly in the approach to definition of the concept and content of anti-corruption policy), and the subjects (in the approach to definition of the concept and content of corruption counteraction activity). The necessity of development of the corruption counteraction policy concept is substantiated.


policy, corruption, corruption counteraction, policy against corruption, state management, criminality, criminality counteraction, criminal policy, goal, conceptual power

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