Problems of improvement of the criminal legislation and practice of its application by the punishment in the form of freedom restriction

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PDF: Author(s): Bohanov A. V.,
Number of journal: 2(27) Date: May 2014

The article examines the problems of the criminal legislation and practical application of punishment in the form of restriction of freedom. The author studies the historical aspects of development of the institute of restriction of freedom in the criminal law of Russia, examines different views of scientists engaged in the study of this institution, analyzes the norms of the criminal code on limitation the freedom, identifies the gaps in legislation and its practical application, and proposes the measures of improvement the regulations of the criminal code regulating the institution of liberty restriction. The illustrative examples from judicial practice of Astrakhan region in the cases of imposing the criminal punishment in the form of restriction of freedom are provided.


criminal punishment, restriction of freedom, imposition of penal sanctions, serving criminal sentence, the convict, correctional centre, execution of restriction of liberty, restriction established by the court, gaps of criminal law, suspended conviction

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