On some issues of application of the regulations of municipal easements

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PDF: Author(s): Lupovskoy M. S.,
Number of journal: 2(27) Date: May 2014

The provisions of municipal easement as an individual independent type of easement, real rights have never been mentioned by anyone. This resulted in the urgent necessity of its examination. Some norms of the laws governing municipal easement exist; however, practical application of such norms is not always successful. Unfortunately, the analysis of legal practice allow making conclusion that the easement norms are often not used, or sometimes replaced by the lease regulations. That is why the law-maker has proposed to separate the municipal easement as the individual, independent type. Currently, the law-user does not need to think about the specific type of easement every time he uses the easement regulations in different ways.


communal easement, lease, payment, public hearings, engineering networks, utilities, pipeline, power line, water supply, sewage system, municipal facilities

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