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PDF: Author(s): Shved V. V., Yablochnikov S. L.,
Number of journal: 2(43) Date: May 2018

The article examines the issues related to the definition of the concept of «sharing economy». The essence of the sharing economy is analyzed; the basic principles of functioning of the sharing economy as a kind of behavioral economics are given. The general aspects of penetration of the sharing economy into the everyday life of society, the intensity of development and distribution of the sharing platforms in the Internet are formulated. The main sharing models are analyzed. The sharing platforms in Ukraine are studied. Particular attention is paid to successful examples of implementation of the sharing economy, which are supported by the state. Factors influencing the country’s sharing economy were studied.


sharing economy, behavioral economics, economy of joint consumption, sharing, sharing platform, ridesharing, ubering, crowd-funding, couch-surfing, coworking, peer-to-peer, commerce.

For citation:

Shved V. V., Yablochnikov S. L. Features of the sharing economy in Ukraine // Business. Education. Law. 2018. No. 2 (43). P. 75–80. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2018.43.201.