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PDF: Author(s): Golovanova Yu. V.,
Number of journal: 2(47) Date: May 2019

The article is devoted to the current problem of creating a system of criteria for assessing the quality of higher education. Today, higher education is undergoing a number of significant changes. The desire to unite and modernize the structure of higher education, to update and add to it the necessary innovative components, leaving the correct classical Foundation, is an urgent task. Higher education seeks to update the information potential of perception and processing of professional information, giving the opportunity to get a modern education that will be perceived by all potential employers, including foreign sources. The article reveals the concept of criteria for assessing the quality of education from the perspective of Russian and Western views on this problem. At the same time, it is necessary to create the correct concept of assessing the quality of higher education. It must meet all modern requirements for modern methods and technologies that form the indicators of evaluation of the structure of higher education. In the article it is possible to trace and consider the main te ndencies of the choice of indicators of an assessment of quality of education in Russia and abroad on the basis of the developed Federal laws and the entered educational programs. The article highlights the features of the correct rating of universities in the use of systems of evaluation criteria. Comparison of various approaches to the evaluation of the education process is given. The existing evaluation criteria are considered and analyzed, the rating systems of these evaluation criteria are given, a comparison of such ratings in Russia and abroad is given. Special attention is paid to the problem of University rankings as a potential opportunity to show the real quality of higher education institutions as a platform for training professionals of the required level. In conclusion, the article provides conclusions on the selected problem, discusses and presents poorly studied aspects and gaps.


higher education, criteria for assessing the quality of education, international rating of higher education institution, academic reputation, independent rating agency, accreditation, research activity, educational activity, scientific and methodological support, higher education institution, Ministry of Education and Science, professional competence.

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Golovanova Yu. V. Criteria of evaluation of the higher education quality: main aspects and directions. Business. Education. Law, 2019, no. 2, pp. 455–461. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2019.47.267.