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PDF: Author(s): Kryucheva Ya. V., Lysakova A. Yu., Semenkova S. N.,
Number of journal: 2(47) Date: May 2019

The article is devoted to the theoretical and empirical analysis of graffiti as a socio‑psychological phenomenon. Graffiti refers to images or inscriptions scratched, written or painted with paint or ink on walls or other surfaces. The motivation of the authors of graffiti is studied. Psychological reasons of graffiti application are revealed, which include: the need for compensation of positive emotions, identification, communication and relaxation. Classification of types of graffiti is offered; the following their types are allocated: musical, esthetic, political, philosophical and erotic; their specificity is defined. With the help of graffiti, the younger generation expresses its political views, its social position, attitude to a particular phenomenon, shows aesthetic feelings. The authors distinguish constructive and destructive graffiti by their significance for society. The main methods by which the study was conducted are — theoretical (analysis, generalization, classification; study of psychological and pedagogical literature); empirical (the method of recording empirical data; the method of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the document‑content analysis; and the interpretation of the inner world of man). Theoretical and practical significance of work consists primarily in the collection, systematization and generalization of the material, graffiti, establishing reasons for creation of inscriptions and drawings that may become the basis for the development of training sessions for the purpose of prevention of stress, negative emotional states, the correction of the complex and conflict relations in the youth environment. These studies can be used in the activities of social and psychological services, in the practice of teaching pedagogy and psychology, as well as in the preventive and educational work of various educational institutions.


graffiti, causes of graffiti, psychological reasons, need, types of graffiti, constructive graffiti, destructive graffiti.

For citation:

Kryucheva Ya. V., Semenkova S. N., Lysakova A. Yu. The socio-psychological side of graffiti. Business. Education. Law, 2019, no. 2, pp. 389–393. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2019.47.238.