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PDF: Author(s): Shtanko M. Al.,
Number of journal: 2(47) Date: May 2019

The article is devoted to the main characteristics of e‑learning in the modern world. The author defines the role and place of e‑learning in the education system of the 21st century, showing its positive and negative sides. Particular attention is paid to the prerequisites of the formation and development of electronic forms of education in the global educational space. The article identifies and characterizes three groups of prerequisites for the formation and development of electronic forms of education: prerequisites caused by the rapid development of the post‑industrial information society (historical and dynamic), prerequisites related to the internal human need for self‑improvement (personal) and prerequisites associated with the development of the world education system (educational). The author defines the specificity of content as the main tool of e‑education: its components are highlighted, factors affecting its effectiveness, “painful” points are marked that should be paid attention to when improving the content. The article describes the main concepts of e‑learning — North American and European, shows, in general terms, the history of their formation and features in the understanding of e‑learning. In his work, the author focuses on the use of e‑learning as a brand of the country. Citing the example of leading European states, the problem of the feasibility of developing e‑learning as a factor in the positive dynamics of Russia’s state image is being raised. In the final part of the work, e‑learning is defined as an institutional factor in the dynamics of the education system and, using specific examples, shows the manifestation of this trait. In addition, the main difficulties associated with the effectiveness of e‑education in Russia are highlighted, and the main directions for solving these problems are identified.


e‑learning, education, higher education, educational institution, educational space, information society, content, concepts, Internet technologies.

For citation:

Shtanko M. A. Electronic learning as a modern educational resource. Business. Education. Law, 2019, no. 2, pp. 445–449. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2019.47.245.