Antikorruptional formation in russia: State and the prospects

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PDF: Author(s): Bikeev I. I., Kabanov P. A.,
Number of journal: 3(13) Date: August 2010

In the article on the basis of the complex analysis of the state of the anticorruption formation in Russia the authors examine state and vital problems of moral- lawful culture in the contemporary society, the effectiveness of the anticorruption policy in the country, the level of the development of the anticorruption educational programs and corresponding anticorruption technologies and mechanisms. In the article it is examined author’s approaches and prospects for formation and development of the anticorruption formation. Is proposed the multilevel system of the anticorruption formation, in which with the different degree of activity participate public organs and establishment, the subjects of educational activity and the institutes of civic community, and, in particular, four versions of the implementation of the corresponding programs for different categories of trainees.


formation, corruption, the anticorruption formation, opposition to corruption, moral- lawful culture, anticorruption policy, anticorruption the educational program, the anticorruption technologies, the anticorruption mechanisms

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