The peculiarity of Mathematical discipline lecturing for up-to-date adult audience

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PDF: Author(s): Fedyanova N. A.,
Number of journal: 3(13) Date: August 2010

In the article the reasons of today’s popularity of tuition by correspondence and adults tuition by correspondence are considered, features of modern high school adults auditory are noted, the problems of studying Mathematical discipline at such a kind of auditory are indicated. The role of practical oriented education into overcoming denoted problems is highlighted. Based on the lecturing practice of Mathematical disciplines to adults methodical recommendations are given, high grade of qualification of teachers for tuition of correspondence students is especially pointed out.


adult audience, Mathematical discipline, practical oriented education, tuition by correspondence, method of lecturing, cognitive activity, Mathematical disciplines, andragogy, acquisition of mathematical knowledge, training objectives, professional tasks, instructional devices, system approach to training

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