Patriotic mindset of Russian mentality: philosophical and educational aspect

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PDF: Author(s): Mashentseva N. V., Polezhaev D. V.,
Number of journal: 3(13) Date: August 2010

The article is devoted to the patriotic mindset as one of the backbone elements of the phenomenon of the Russian mentality. The authors explain the understanding of patriotism as the phenomenon and the concept from the point of view of its formation in consciousness and behavior of modern youth. Formation and education are considered as a place of formation of patriotism. The Russian spiritual maintenance of patriotism reveals in the context of ideas of Russian philosophers of the golden age about a national, synodic, historical and spiritual sense of Russian life. The paper presents the task of patriotic formation of youth as forming a patriotic mindset of Russian mentality in a modern Russian civilization.


patriotism, mentality of the society, nation, patriotic mindset, Russian philosophy, formation, patriotic education of youth, historical consciousness, education, young people, spiritual content

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