Methodic bases of forming informative competency of a future lawyer

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PDF: Author(s): Maslov I. V.,
Number of journal: 3(13) Date: August 2010

The given article reasons the necessity of forming informative competency for the future lawyer as one of “key competencies” of a specialist in the sphere of law in the modern world. The structured definition of information competency of a lawyer is carried out. The new concepts in the ICT competency of a future lawyer are distinguished, reasoned and analyzed, which means the competency of in network communicative technologies as well as analytic competency. The levels and methods of forming of information competency by training future lawyers. The comparisson of concepts “personal” and “professional” competency of a lawyer is carried out.


Informatization of legal sphere, competency approach, competency, ICT-competency, analytic competency, informative culture, informative competency, information competency structure, computer literacy, information culture level, key competency, personal competency

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