Negation of its own personality by the essence of a legal person

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PDF: Author(s): Anisimov A. P., Chernomorets A. E., Goncharov A. I., Ryzhenkov A. Ya.,
Number of journal: 3(13) Date: August 2010

Basic theoretical condition of economic works of V.A. Kamenetsky and V.P. Patrikeev are compared with the K. Marxґs working theory of cost in light of the priority of the intellectual abilities of a man as the inalienable object of property, which belongs to him on the natural right. The depositors only of property capital into a legal person are named by participants of a legal person and they distribute the profit obtained by him. Such a solution of the question by a legislator contradicts economic laws governing the development of productive forces and it influences the efficiency of public production most negatively. The authors prove that the essence of an economic society (comradeship) causes the impossibility for this legal person to be the legal person of property.


Work force, labor, intellect, property capital, the right of property, production relations, economic society, property, productive forces, legal person

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