Return the concept of property to the materialist flow

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PDF: Author(s): Chernomorets A. E., Goncharov A. I., Ryzhenkov A. Ya.,
Number of journal: 3(16) Date: August 2011

The article has justified the negative understanding of property through the prism of law thus determining the primacy of law and the second turn of the economics. The RF Civil Code presents not economic principles of social development, but the policy, which distorts the essence of the phenomena of reality; the object and the subject of owning are mixed. The man as natural material substratum is mixed up with the law as social phenomenon. The morphological structure of the article of the RF Civil Code regarding nonmaterial wealth cannot be recognized as scientifically substantiated, since wealth themselves, without being the phenomena of juridical type, are mixed up with the law.


possession, use, ownership, property, civil legislation, economics, law, man, abilities, idealism, materialism

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