Retro-introduction as the direction of innovation ACTIVITY in the system of consumer cooperation

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PDF: Author(s): Lazarev A. V., Lysenko I . A.,
Number of journal: 3(20) Date: August 2012

The author has disclosed the concept of innovation has analyzed the available classifications of innovation, has characterized the value of retro-introduction. In the system of consumer cooperatives, which has a rich history and extensive working experience, the retro-introductions can take a special place. The consumer cooperation at various stages of its development has used a variety of forms, methods of interaction with the customers, introduced new products and technologies. Some of retro-introductions are viable under the current conditions. Absolutely new approach to the introduction of innovations and the use of retro-introductions in the system of consumer cooperation has been proposed.


: innovations, strategy of innovation development, consumer cooperation, classification features, retro-introductions, crisis economics, transportation service, cooperative electrification

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