SYSTEM of the RF real estate MARKET

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PDF: Author(s): Soboleva I. V.,
Number of journal: 3(20) Date: August 2012

The article has justified the necessity of the complex theoretical comprehension of the processes affecting the formation and functioning of the real estate market, of the analysis of factors determining its dynamics. In order to resolve such issue it is reasonable to use the system approach, the real estate market is reviewed as a system. It has been stated that the real estate market has complicated diversified structure. The options of its differentiation by various features have been described. The following has been distinguished in the real estate market: objects, subjects, and the management system. The following has been developed: classification of the objects, subjects, and the real estate market operations. The interrelations of the real estate market components (objects, subjects and operations) have been specified.


system, real estate market, structure, classification, objects, subjects, operation of the real estate market, items interrelations, possibility of unlimited extension, permanent correction

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