Sustain development and THE state-corporate interaction

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PDF: Author(s): Samkov T. L.,
Number of journal: 3(20) Date: August 2012

The object of the research is the regional markets of commodities sale, which main entities are the large corporations. Providing with the resources a number of countries all over the world, Russia may feel their deficit; meanwhile, as a result of the energy recourses prices growth the competitiveness of industrial goods is going down, the spur to production of new goods is decreased; the cost of produced commodities is increased. The necessity to optimize the power-intensive enterprises activity in coordination with the mining enterprises has been justified. The proposed mechanism of resolution of the specified objects includes the renewal of the fixed production funds, introduction of new technologies and entry the markets, which makes the basis of planning of the optimal structure of economics.


territorial markets, sustain development, energy safety, microeconomic factors, corporation enterprise activity, economy sector, corporate management, branch planning, indicative plan, management decision-making support, economical processing forecasting, input-output balance

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