Legal features of THE LAND PLOTS TURN-OVER WITHIN THE separate categories of the LANDS

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PDF: Author(s): Charkin S. A.,
Number of journal: 3(20) Date: August 2012

The issue of the land plots turn-over, its acceptability, limits and restrictions, as well as the necessity of the state control is one of the most discussed in the theory of the modern law. Definitely, determination of the peculiarities of all transactions with the land plots is the giant task, which resolution will require writing of several hundreds of dissertations and monographs. Therefore, the objective of the present article was to examine the category ‘land plot turn-over’ and the peculiarities of the transactions with the land plots within some land categories. The turn-over of the land plots of agricultural purpose, of settlements and of specifically protected areas and facilities has been investigated. Such selection is conditioned by the fact that the said land categories are the basis of providing for the food safety of the country and are gradually involved into the civil turn-over.


category of lands, land plot, lands turn-over, lands of agricultural purpose, lands of settlements, lands of specially protected areas and facilities, land share, land tenure and development rules; public authority; purchase and sale, rent

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