Problems of agricultural market development in Ukraine

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PDF: Author(s): Avezov A. Kh.,
Number of journal: 3(28) Date: August 2014

The problem aspects of agrarian market development in Ukraine are presented in the article. The consequences of imperfection of economic relations at the agrarian market are shown. The negative tendencies of naturalization of agricultural production and formation of agrarian markets dual subject structure are underline. The reasons of deepening of social tension in the rural areas, degradation of rural population and territories are determined. The nonsystematic and chaotic development of direct connections between the subjects of ІІ and ІІІ spheres of agro-industrial complex are specified. The potential of agrarian market development in Ukraine is estimated. The necessity of the state activation in adjusting the economic relations of the agrarian market subjects is justified. The measures for enlargement the capacity of agrarian market, and directing its development in favor of the subjects of internal consumption and production are proposed.


agrarian market, steady development, naturalization of production, dual pattern of production, personal subsidiary economy, agricultural holding, market capacity, primary market, secondary market, mediation

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