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PDF: Author(s): Volkova I. A.,
Number of journal: 3(36) Date: August 2016

The direction of increasing competitiveness of agricultural organizations defined the concept of lean production and lean management. It is proved that the principles of lean manufacturing can be implemented in agriculture. Depending on the reasons causing the greatest losses, the lean-technology tools are shown, by which the losses can be eliminated. The degree of dependence between the applied technologies, the state of the resource potential, and the existing level of quality is defined. The importance and possibility of using the lean system in agriculture is justified taking into account the efforts of management, transition to advanced energy-saving and resource-saving technologies and application of the lean thinking.


lean manufacturing, lean management, agriculture, lean technologies, Kaizen, 5S, TPM, 4P-concept, quality circles, Six sigma.

For citation:

Volkova I. A. Using lean technologies in the industry // Business. Education. Law. Bulletin of Volgograd Business Institute. 2016. № 3 (36). P. 21–25.