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PDF: Author(s): Burlakov V. V., Sekerin V. D.,
Number of journal: 3(36) Date: August 2016

The article examines classification of innovations latency. Innovations latency is a hidden innovation potential capable to reveal itself within a certain period of time. Classification of innovations latency is a further studying of proposed concept of innovations latency. For this purpose, the authors propose and describe classification features that allow underlying several types of innovations latency. The proposed classification is of methodological and practical value and contributes to further studying and obtaining of new knowledge about the innovations latency.


innovations, innovation activity, innovation potential, hidden innovation potential, latent features and capabilities, latency of innovations, sources of innovation latency, classification feature, approach to classification, classification of innovation latency.

For citation:

Sekerin V. D., Burlakov V. V. Approaches to classification latency innovation // Business. Education. Law. Bulletin of Volgograd Business Institute. 2016. № 3 (36). P. 29 –33.