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PDF: Author(s): Kovalenko E. Yu.,
Number of journal: 3(40) Date: August 2017

This paper explores the concept of «ownership» at all stages of development of human civilization from antiquity to the present. Ownership is the foundation of any social order and society. Ownership is the basic condition of existence of society and the backbone of any economic system. Many historically significant sources of law, such as: «the Laws of king Hammurabi» of the XVIII-XVI centuries B.C.; the «Laws of Manu» of the II century B.C. II century A.C.; «the laws of the XII tables» of the middle of V century B.C.; «Russian Pravda» of the XI-XII centuries A.C., mentioned the ownership; however, in each source the concept of «ownership» was very differential. Researches of the term of ownership were conducted by people since ancient times; however, the debates and discussions related to this problem are still continued.


ownership, property, property rights, term of ownership, history of the concept of ownership, emergence of the concept of ownership, institution of ownership, ownership development, sources of property rights, ownership in antiquity, ownership in the Russian legislation.

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Kovalenko E. Yu. The concept of ownership: background // Business. Education. Law. Bulletin of Volgograd Business Institute. 2017. No. 3 (40). P. 162–164.