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PDF: Author(s): Dudchik S. V., Kovaleva T. M.,
Number of journal: 3(44) Date: August 2018

The article examines the innovative experience of arrangement of technological training within the Master’s program «Tutor support of educational activities» at the SAEI of HE MSPU. Approaches to the model of professional training of future tutors are indicated. The essence of technologization and technological approach in education, their goals, objectives and specifics are determined. The structure of tutor competence is indicated. Active forms of education in the Master’s program are presented. The specificity of professional activity of the tutor is determined, methodical approaches and recommendations for implementation of technological training in the Master’s program «Tutoring in education» are indicated. The following conclusions are made: achieving the goals of technological training of tutors in the Master’s program «Tutoring in education» requires the following: carry out transition from the objective to the subjective position; implement educational and methodological support of every student of the Master’s program (taking into account theoretical component of technological training, accounting for pedagogical, technological and social experience of Masters, demonstration of the teacher, the use of different modes of work, forms and methods of training); develop motivation and positive orientation of the Master on personal formation of technological competences and formation of an individual technological bank (formation of an individual technological bank, orientation on the analysis and increase of technological experience, individual project work). The use of technological approach, taking into account the goals, content of academic disciplines, the use of educational technologies and new forms of education affects not only the quality of education in the Master’s program «Tutoring in education», but also the interaction of teachers and students, creates positive emotional background, serves as one of the directions of technological competence of Masters in implementation of the FSES.


tutor, tutor support, technologization of training, technological approach, technology, pedagogical technology, educational technology, open education technology, technology and methods of tutor support, professional training of the tutor.

For citation:

Dudchik S. V., Kovaleva T. M. Technological training of tutor: contents, technology and methods of technologies mastering // Business. Education. Law. 2018. No. 3 (44). P. 369–375. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2018.44.354.