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PDF: Author(s): Grigoriev A. D., Ilyasheva E. V., Titova S. A.,
Number of journal: 3(48) Date: August 2019

The article eamines the methodological support and conditions of training, production and pre-diploma practices in the training of future specialists in the direction of 29.03.05 Design of light industry products. The Federal state educational standard of higher education identifies a number of competencies, understanding them as an integrative quality, which is expressed through the ability and willingness to apply knowledge and skills in the field of industrial design and manufacture of garments. The link in this process is educational, industrial and pre-diploma practices. The methodology of the practice involves the modernization of all vocational education, in particular the modernization of sewing workshops and training and methodological support. The essence of the modernization of vocational education is to identify the main processes of organization of practices based on the principles of activity approach and their change to achieve the required performance indicators. The article reflects the focus on the training of a new generation of specialists in the GEF IN 3++, taking into account the competent approach, as well as formed professional competence based on the standards of professional activity reflected in the development of methodological support practices. On the basis of the analysis the article introduces the methodology and content of practices, as well as the article reflects the essence of the developed guidelines designed to ensure the independent work of students and practitioners. Methodological support in the training of future specialists it is formed on the basis of a combination of traditional and innovative digital methods and on the scientific and theoretical basis of the development of conditions for training, production and pre-diploma practices. The presented developed methodological support allows us to strengthen and make better training of future specialists.


methodological support, conditions, practice, competence approach, activity approach, independent work, guidelines, education, light industry, standard, modernization, digital technologies.

For citation:

Ilyasheva E. V., Grigoriev A. D., Titova S. A. Methodical provision and conditions of the educational, industrial and predegree practices in the training of future specialists. Business. Education. Law, 2019, no. 3, pp. 365–370. DOI: 10.25683/ VOLBI.2019.48.308.