Forming of strategy of innovative development of the vertically integrated company in the conditions of informatization

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PDF: Author(s): Isaeva I. B.,
Number of journal: 4(17) Date: November 2011

The article has reviewed the forming of the strategy of innovative development in the vertically integrated companies in the conditions of informatization on the basis of OAO “LUKOIL”. The special attention has been given to the analysis of disadvantages of the models of forming strategies existing in the scientific and technical literature, the additions to available model have been proposed. Additionally, the analysis of information infrastructure of the company has been paid attention and the way of its improvement by introducing of the systems of electronic commerce has been proposed. The advantages and preconditions of introducing the systems of electronic commerce, the reasons of absence of such systems in OAO “LUKOIL” have been analyzed.


strategy of innovative development, vertically integrated company, informatization, information economy, information technology, electronic business, electronic commerce, evaluation of innovative risks, electronic trading platform, information infrastructure

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