criminological characteristic of the criminals PERSONALITY OFFENDING the juvenile

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PDF: Author(s): Dadaev S. L.,
Number of journal: 4(17) Date: November 2011

The article has generalized criminological characteristic of the criminal personality offending the juvenile. The research conducted has shown that the most often the offending on the health of juvenile is committed (beating, tortures, injury to health of various degree). Then follow the crimes offending the sexual freedom and sexual inviolability of the teenager. Among criminals men (their share makes almost two thirds of held liable) prevail. The most criminal active age group are the persons from 18 till 35 years of age. Other indicators of the criminals offending the juvenile have been provided too.


personality of the criminal, moral degradation of the person, age of the criminal, gender features of the criminal, marital status of the criminal, educational level of the criminal, punishment for offending the juvenile, juvenile victims, injurious to the public

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