Model of continuous professional adaptation in the system of business education

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PDF: Author(s): Fedyanova N. A., Izyumova O. N.,
Number of journal: 4(21) Date: November 2012

The article reviews the issues of increasing the competitiveness of the graduates by means of the model of continuous professional adaptation in the integrated system “school – college – institute” providing establishing of the conditions for successful implementation of the core competences specified the Federal educational standards. While implementing the competence approach to education, the role of practice-oriented approach and integrated education process has been specifically underlined. The proposed model of professional adaptation in the system of continuous business education allows providing not only implementation of competence approach to education, but also providing the high level of competitiveness of the graduates at the labor market.


professional adaptation, competence approach, levels of education, practice-oriented training, active forms of training, core competencies, cognitive activity, goals of training, professional tasks, business-education

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