Association of the enterprises as the factor of innovatiON development of the agricultural production of Russia

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PDF: Author(s): Korabelnikov I. S., Shepitko R. S.,
Number of journal: 4(21) Date: November 2012

The article has reviewed the possibility of implementation of the innovation development of agriculture of Russia, which is connected with the uniting processes. It has been underlined that the unification of the facilities would allow establishing the environment of effective use of competitive advantages. The way of cooperation of the entities of economic relations due to their mutual penetration would change. The author has specified the models of uniting the agricultural companies for the purpose of increasing the innovation development of agricultural production in Russia. The trends of development of uniting processes have been analyzed; the urgency of their spreading in the conditions of Russia’s joining the World trade organization has been justified.


competition, adaptation, strategy, associations, cooperation, integration, clustering, innovation modernization, agricultural companies, agricultural production

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