System of domestic higher education in the rf and the issue of increasing exports of educational services

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PDF: Author(s): Zhdanov S. А.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The problem of insufficient contribution of Russian higher educational institutions into increasing of the foreign economic potential of the Russian Federation has been examined in the article. The potential and specific ways of increasing the volumes of exports by domestic educational institutions in the field of higher professional education has been analyzed; the applicability of the experience of foreign countries in the field of economics has been highlighted. The trends and processes typical for the modern Russian system of higher professional education have been justified; the system of measures has been presented that allows significantly improving the economic situation of Russian higher education and increasing the role of domestic higher schools in increasing the foreign economic potential of the country.


Amsterdam agreement, Bologna agreement, globalization, educational services market, national higher education system, educational services, Sorbonne declaration, comparative analysis, educational system, strategic management of the higher school, trends of education

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