Measures of state regulation of regional development in the context of implementation of the innovative paradigm

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PDF: Author(s): Bezlyudny R. S., Bogoviz A. V.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The innovative policy of the Russian Federation is discussed in the article. The documents forming the legal basis, defining the main standards of the federal innovative policy are analyzed. The main features peculiar to the strategy as the legal document are discussed in details, its weak and strong sides are identified. The complicated interaction between legal regulation and the state policy in the area of innovations is explained. Issues connected with the venture business in the area of innovations are discussed; two groups of factors contributing and preventing its development in our country are distinguished. The special attention is paid to the problem of improvement of the regional innovative policy. Measures for implementation of the regions innovation capacity and for stimulation of investment activity in the area of innovations are proposed.


region, regional development, state regulation, innovative capacity of the region, innovative activity of the region, innovations, state policy, scientific-research activity, strategy, venture company

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