World energy safety issues and the energy-oriented economics of Russia

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PDF: Author(s): Samkov T. L.,
Number of journal: 4(25) Date: November 2013

The article examines the state of energy safety in the world and the possibilities of its securing in Russia. It’s noted that this problem can be resolved only in connection with optimization of the economic activity of large corporations, which include mining and energy-intensive enterprises. The work provides the general review of the power resources consumption and production, as well as the analysis of the ways of the power consumption stabilization and growth, which constitutes the essence of the energy safety. The author makes conclusion that the resolution of the energy safety problem can not lie in a different plane rather than more effective use of the ordinary energy sources. It’s showed that the resolution of this task consists not only in the capital renewal, introduction of innovations and the new markets entry, but also in modeling of joint activity of large corporate players of the fuel-energy complex on the multi-industrial territorial markets. The article presents the approaches to creating the model-software complex, which will automate the noted task.


multi-branch territorial markets, sustain development, energy safety, macroeconomic factors, corporation enterprise activity, sector of economics, corporative management, industrial planning, indicative plan, inter-industry balance, management decision support, input-output balance

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