Typology of errors and systematization of english classroom aspects

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PDF: Author(s): Shirokikh A. Y.,
Number of journal: 4(29) Date: November 2014

The article looks upon errors in mastering linguistic, social and cultural, pragmatic and strategic competencies. The status of communicants in a speech act is seen as a basis for the first dichotomy of representational vs. perceptional mistakes. Lack of knowledge about the language, culture, peculiarities of a discourse and utterance pragmatics, in the author’s point of view, may cause language, social and cultural, discourse and pragmatic errors. Special attention is paid to intonation and pausing in pronunciation, variability of language norms, contextual polysemy, translation, inter-language homonymy, social and cultural conditionality of texts. Situational, social and cognitive approaches to English classroom situation are worked out in order to prevent possible errors.


representation, perception, discourse, pragmatics, variability of language norms, translation, cognition, phonetics, lexis, semantics, morphology, syntax

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