Regional policy: the problem of choosing priorities

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PDF: Author(s): Korostyshevskaya E. M., Plotnikov V. A.,
Number of journal: 4(29) Date: November 2014

The article describes the main priorities of the regional policy in modern Russia. These include: reduction of regional differentiation; formation of regional growth poles. Dialectical contradiction of these priorities is revealed. This determines the contradictions of implemented state policy. The progress in implementation of the specified main priorities is evaluated based on the available official statistical data. Unresolved issues connected with their achievement are identified. They are demonstrated at the level of the Federation entities, as well as at the level of federal districts. This allows identifying the main trends of development of the regional policy. They are connected with its harmonization at the regional and federal levels.


regional policy, national economic policy, government regulation of the economy, differentiation of the regions, growth poles, priorities of development, living standards, social and economic development, economic growth, goal setting in politics

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