Efficiency as a source of financial management development, succession of the models of public financial management

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PDF: Author(s): Akinshin M. V.,
Number of journal: 4(29) Date: November 2014

The paper analyzes the basic scientific approaches that considering the development as the growth of scientific knowledge, and proposes the author’s position putting forward efficiency as a source of the public finance management development. Additionally, the statement is made that the driving force behind the development is efficiency. Meanwhile, the concept of efficiency is examined, as well as the main contradictions of application of this indicator for the public finance management. And finally, the budgeting models are investigated in terms of the efficiency role in the public finance management. The feature of each of the following model is the ability to impact the efficiency of management processes.


development, growth of scientific knowledge, externality approach, internality approach, financial management, efficiency, social efficiency, economic efficiency, financial efficiency, budgeting models

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