Effectiveness of public-private partnership schemes in implementation of the programs of the heat-supply systems modernization

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PDF: Author(s): Putilova N. N.,
Number of journal: 4(29) Date: November 2014

This article discusses the possibility of using various schemes of public-private partnership (PPP) for the implementation of programs of modernization of the heat supply systems of small settlements and towns. The idea of upgrading municipal systems for substantial increasing of their effectiveness on the basis of PPP is currently urgent due to the poor state of the housing and utilities sector of the overwhelming majority of Russian municipalities. Involvement of the state in the investments required for reconstruction and modernization of the heat supply networks by means of the Fund for modernization of the housing and municipal economy is demonstrated on the example of municipalities Novosibirsk region. The task of the private sector is construction of new efficient gas boiler houses, investing of which is done by means of the leasing company funds.


public-private partnerships, development program, network management, modern gas boilers, project efficiency, heat supply, district heating, investor, reliability, mutual benefit, resource supply company, municipality

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