Development of ecological-legal culture in russia: problems and prospects

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PDF: Author(s): Anisimov A. P.,
Number of journal: 4(29) Date: November 2014

The modern understanding of ecologic-legal culture is formulated in the article, as well as the measures of ecological education and enlightenment influencing its development are investigated. The author examiners the existing achievementsin the area of formation of the ecologic-legal culture, analyzes practical experience of Russia and some CIS countries. Activity of the subjects of ecological education is analyzed, that is the persons able to carry out educational activity, for which the ecologic-regulatory features are inherent (the state represented by authorized authorities and officials, church, mass media, commercial and not-for-profit organizations of citizens). The attention is paid to insufficient measures of ecological education of population against the newest threats connected with emergence of the areas of ecological trouble, as well as potential danger of nanotechnologies.


ecological culture, environment, ecological education, ecological enlightenment, information, knowledge, natural objects, natural complexes, nanotechnologies, zones of ecological catastrophe, reserves

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