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PDF: Author(s): Byvsheva M. V., Vedernikova N. N.,
Number of journal: 4(37) Date: November 2016

The article provides a historical and genetic analysis of establishing the socio-pedagogical partnership in the Russian education. It is shown that social partnership in the country is developed steadily and is formed around the leading role of educational institutions by engaging parents, sociocultural institutions and public associations in the educational relations. However, currently, the core of the social partnership in the system of education is still formed by interaction of educational institution and parents. The article presents the author’s program that ensures conditions contributing to full implementation by the family of the educational function in the open educational environment.


design of education, social partnership, social and pedagogical partnership, cooperation with parents, program of cooperation of educational institution and families, ways of working with family, informing parents, family diagnosis, psycho-pedagogical education of parents, social and healthcare education of parents, cultural and leisure activities.

For citation:

Byvsheva M. V., Vedernikova N. N. Designing of socio-pedagogical partnerships in modern education // Business. Education. Law. Bulletin of Volgograd Business Institute. 2016. No. 4 (37). P. 304–309.