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PDF: Author(s): Plohotnikova G. V., Saprykina N. V., Sergienko E. S.,
Number of journal: 4(41) Date: November 2017

Changes for the improvement and development of the business structure in modern economic conditions is impossible without the use of the marketing approach in management decisions. Of course, adjustments to existing processes should be carried out through the prism of the priority of consumer preferences. Without active management efforts towards the development of business is impossible to hold a leadership position in the industry, and also to maintain the level of competitiveness is quite high. On the path of economic development a number of problems arise on the background of how external socio-economic changes and under the action of internal circumstances. Their decision online based on the integrated approach provides growth through the development of effective programmes and formulate specific practice-oriented ways of achieving sustainable development perspective. The processes of economic reality, is known to create changes in waste management arrangements existing enterprises. It is necessary to create a model integrated approach for efficient implementation of the elements of the business activity of the entity.


marketing, management, economic development, competitiveness, business structure, market, holistic approach, management decision, marketing approach, and market activity.

For citation:

Sergienko E. S., Saprykina N. V., Plohotnikova G. V. Implementation of marketing approach in matters of economic development // Business. Education. Law. 2017. No. 4 (41). P. 72–75.