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PDF: Author(s): Laryushkin S. A., Svatalova T. A.,
Number of journal: 4(45) Date: November 2018

The article examines the problems of professional competence development of the preschool education teachers in the conditions of the renewed social and economic situation. The peculiarity of this process is the identification of the regulatory grounds that contribute to individualization and the growth of subjectivity of teachers when choosing their ways of professional development and self‑development. Clarifying the essence of the modern education worker professional competence in this context has led to the need to discuss and work out the legal grounds for its updating, development and correction. Formation of the national system of teacher growth that aimed at establishing the levels of proficiency of professional competence for teacher, development of the road map for fixing it in the legal field of the state is evidence of insufficient knowledge of the problem, its novelty. On the basis of the regulatory requirements, the legal status of teachers of preschool education for advanced training in modern conditions is indicated. The duty of the modern teacher to systematically update their professional knowledge, methods of professional activity, competence is argued. A hierarchy of legal documents that complement each other in the content is presented. This allows the modern teacher to build a trajectory of professional self‑development. The change in accents of the activity of teachers of the system of additional professional education is substantiated: from the position of replenishment of the supposed knowledge deficits of listeners to the position of teaching their ways of professional self‑development. Orientation of additional vocational education in problematic and project training contributes to the filling of professional deficiencies and teaches designing the prospects for development of professional competence. The social and professional competence model structure analysis, including prerequisites and nuclear competencies, allowed substantiating the necessity of their development in the system of additional professional education.


field of education, labor relations, competences, professional standard, additional vocational education, professional development, social and professional competence, development of professional competence, levels of professional competence, legal competence.

For citation:

Svatalova T. A., Laryushkin S. A. Regulatory and legal grounds for professional competence development of teachers of preschool educational organization // Business. Education. Law. 2018. No. 4 (45). Pp. 432–438. DOI: 10.25683/ VOLBI.2018.45.404.