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PDF: Author(s): Gumarova R. R.,
Number of journal: 4(45) Date: November 2018

The article analyzes the problematic issues of observing the social and labor guarantees of the persons who are assigned to the teaching staff of educational institutions of higher education, guaranteed both by the labor legislation of the Russian Federation and by‑laws. Among them ‑ observance of the shorter working day, the regime of work and rest time, guarantees and compensations related to the termination of the employment contract. It is shown that the standards adopted by local acts of educational institutions in recent years have increased the duration of the training load to a maximum, and, on the contrary, have reduced the standards for the performance of certain types of academic load, which ultimately led to an intensification of the work of the university teachers. The increase in the workload for performing scientific, methodical, preparatory, organizational, diagnostic work, monitoring work, and the work envisaged in the plans for educational, sports and recreational, creative and other activities conducted with students lead to an actual excess of the maximum possible working time fund, thereby violating the regime of the work and rest. The required by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation increase of the average salary of the university teachers to 200% of the average for the region is achieved only through intensification of the work of the faculty, which may lead to a decline in the quality of the educational services provided. The provisions of the law on guarantees and compensations and their observance at termination of contracts are not considered in case of non‑selection at the competition, staff reduction or liquidation of the organization, it is shown that subject to the conclusion of fixed‑term employment contracts in educational institutions, the employee loses the right for such guarantees and compensations. Based on the results of the study, conclusions and recommendations are formulated.


social and labor guarantees, teaching staff, pedagogical staff, the duration of the working day, the training load, the load of the second half of the working day, the salaries of teachers, the mode of work and rest, the rest time, the norm of the training load.

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Gumarova R. R. On the social and labor guarantees for teaching stuff // Business. Education. Law. 2018. No. 4 (45). Pp. 287–295. DOI: 10.25683/VOLBI.2018.45.462.