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About journal

Scientific journal ‘Business. Education. Law’

Founder – Autonomous non-profit organization of higher education 'Volgograd Business Institute'

The journal is registered by the Federal service for supervision of communication and mass media and preservation of the cultural heritage PI No. FS 9-0878 dated July 27, 2006, re-registered: Certificate of registration of mass media PI No. FS 77-33692 dated 3.10.2008.

The journal has been issued since 2006.

The journal is published 4 times a year.

ISSN 1990-536Х

Subscription index in the catalogue

Russian Post – 38683

Editorial index – Р8683


The journal ‘Business. Education. Law’ is published with the support of the not-for-profit partnership ‘South Russian University’ that unites economic higher schools of Volgograd, Stavropol, Rostov-on-Don, Vladikavkaz, and Krasnodar.

The journal is intended for scientists, post-graduate students, students working on doctor’s degree, applicant for scientific degrees, persons working for master’s degree, teachers of higher school, as well as practical economists, lawyers of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and foreign countries.

Starting from No.2 (43) 2018, all articles in the journal will be assigned the digital identifier DOI (digital object identifier), which is the standard of designation of the information about an electronic document presented in the Internet.

Every article is assigned UDC and LBC.

The schedule of providing materials to the scientific peer-reviewed journal ‘Business. Education. Law’

Terms of publication





 Geography of subscribers, authors and partners of the peer-reviewed Scientific journal «Business. Education. Law» is presented by the partners in CIS contries and Abroad (more than 20 countries) and in the Russian Federation (more than 60 cities).

GOALS of the scientific peer-reviewed journal:

— operative publication of results of the scientific-research, scientific-practical and experimental activity of Russian and foreign scientists in economics (main trends), legal sciences and pedagogical sciences;

— providing scientists with the possibility of publication of the results of researches;

— establishing an open scientific disputes contributing to the increase of dissertation researches quality;

— attraction of attention to the most urgent issues and perspective trends of development of the economic, pedagogical and legal sciences;

— search for new knowledge for the social-economic development of Russia and the entities of the Russian Federation;

— establishing scientific links and exchange of opinions between researchers from different regions;

— development of united information space of scientific communication in economics, education, law;

— promotion of the main achievements of the scientific and research activity in Volgograd Business Institute.

The articles containing analysis of the urgent scientific issues and results of researches in economics, law and pedagogical sciences are published in the sections of the scientific journal.

Scientific reviews, comments and information materials are published in a separate section of the journal.

08.00.00 – Economic sciences

12.00.00 – Legal sciences<

13.00.00 – Pedagogical sciences