Terms of the subscription to the journal for 2017

You can subscribe to the scientific journal "Business. Education. Law":

- in any post office using the catalogue "Russian Post";

Download the subscription application.

The subscription information to the scientific journal is available in subscription catalogues "Russian Post", which are in each post office.



Index in the catalogue
"Russian Post"

Editorial index

"Business. Education. Law"
(Periodicity: 4 issues per year)



- in the editorial office of the journal at the address: 400010, Volgograd, Kachintsev Street, building 63, office 107;

- by e-mail; the application shall be sent to e-mail:, specify your full name, zip code, address, subscription period and price; 

Download the register form and example how to fill-in the register [.doc]


- by phone of the editorial office (8442) 52-62-43.


In addition, a group of individuals can fill-in a register for subscription to the journal and submit it to the editorial office at the above address or send by e-mail.

The subscription price for 2015 without postal service fees:

Subscription price for 1 year

2000 rub.

Subscription price for 6 months

1000 rub.

Subscription price for 3 months

500 rub.

On request you can purchase any issue of the journal for previous years in the editorial office.

Contact information

Alexander N. Vashchenko,
Mobile: 8-909-384-16-61; 8-902-38-65-549

Address of the scientific journal editorial office:
400010, Volgograd,
Kachintsev Street, building 63, office 107 E-mail: