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PDF: Author(s): Mokretsova A. V., Potudanskaya V. F.,
Number of journal: 1(18) Date: February 2012

Currently the major issue in the area of social-labor relations is still the issue of population employment. Non-standard forms of employment are arising in the process of the market relations development both in Russia and abroad. The development allows reducing the total number of unemployed population searching for job (first of all, the poor-protected categories of population). Such forms of employment are often the most accessible and effective way for unemployed to go back to employment. Increasing of employment on the basis of non- standard form often occurs without increasing of the number of work places by means of their distribution between employees and reduction of the work time. At the same time, the employees do not have guarantees of permanent employment, the level of social protection and perspectives of vertical promotion are being decreased, as well as the high level of work payment is not always provided. Therefore, it is required to further investigate, theoretically and practically, the development of non-standard forms of employment in Russia.


standard employment, non-standard employment forms, flexible employment forms, classification of non- standard employment forms, TV labour, TV work, classification of TV labour, mobile labour, distance work, flexible working year, permanent employment, moonlighting

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