Political sciences and the issues of modernization

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PDF: Author(s): Melnichenko E. H., Usova Yu. V.,
Number of journal: 3(16) Date: August 2011

This article “Political sciences and the issues of modernization of the modern humanitarian education” provides various analysis of the processes occurring in the system of higher education at the modern stage of development of the Russian society. At the socio-economical, political and spiritual life of the country the changes, connected with modernization take place. That is why the authors pay special attention to the main principles of the modern educational model: the humanizing and humanitarization. These socially-pedagogical principles require revision of aims, the content and the technology of education.


modernization, political sciences, democratic society, humanitarizing, humanizing, new pedagogical though, socially-pedagogical principles, new technology of education, thinking, national model

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