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PDF: Author(s): Kozenko K. Yu.,
Number of journal: 3(16) Date: August 2011

The article describes the main points of adaptation of the leasing consumer functioning, adaptive interaction between elements of leasing relations, lack of regulatory influence of the state, the microeconomic factors of adaptation, institutional system of agricultural machinery leasing, the possibility of forming inter-firm strategic alliance, in which all еру subjects of leasing relations are in a single integrative integrity. Much attention is paid to innovation leasing, secondary market of agricultural machinery; the source of its replenishment with the used equipment is disclosed. A special place is set aside to additional services that accompany the products purchased on a lease conditions; and the use of nanotechnology.


leasing of agricultural machinery, leasing relations, adaptive interaction of the leasing subjects, potential for effective adaptation, inter-firm strategic alliance, peculiarities of innovative leasing relations, used equipment leasing, range of additional services, introduction of nanotechnology, leasing

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